Bridal Service

As you organise your special day, make sure you leave plenty of time to decide what kind of hair style and headdress you want and that it is also in keeping with your dress.

One of the first steps to take is to book your hairdresser and discuss your requirements.

Our bridal package, first of all, includes a full consultation with ideas on how to wear your hair and suggestions of what kind of headdress to look for (if you haven't already chosen it of course!). About two weeks before the wedding, book a full hair rehearsal with the salon so that your stylist knows exactly what you want. Although, obviously we can change things for you. The package also includes the "Big Day" and the fitting of the headdress and veil. You will also receive a voucher to use when you return from your honeymoon.

Guidance Notes: For hair that is going to be worn up, it is a good idea to have your hair shampooed and blow-dried the day before the wedding as newly shamppoed hair can be too "fly-away". This is recommended to be done in the salon.

On your big day please make sure you wear a button-through top - nothing is worse than trying to take your top off over newly arranged hair, especially if you have had your headdress fitted!

If you are fitting your own headdress and veil, still bring them into the salon for the rehearsal and we will do a practice run with you to make sure you know how to fix them. This is a good idea, especially if your veil has a comb attachment (they can easily be put in the wrong way) so it's essential that you know how to fit them.

A lot of brides and bridesmaids have fresh flowers put into their hair, please ask your florist NOT to apray them with water beforehand as this will drip on to your hair and make it damp and will cause the hair to flop.

Our Bridal Service consists of:

  1. First consultation includes advice on how to get your hair into tip-top condition for the "big day" and ideas on how you should wear your hair.
  2. Full hairdressing rehearsal a couple of weeks before your wedding.
  3. Preferential booking for your wedding day.
  4. The Bridal Service price also includes the fitting of the headdress and veil on the wedding day.
  5. The bride will be given a voucher for use on her next hair appointment allowing a generous discount.

You can also book hairdressing appointments for your mother, future mother-in-law and of course your bridesmaids. If you book as a group we will offer a discount.

When you book your final wedding appointment, allow plenty of time so that everything is perfect

Don't forget we also offer a complete beauty service including bridal make-up.

Full price lists are available in the salon.