Prices: Beauty treatments

Underarms, Full Leg and Bikini £37.00  
Full leg, including Bikini Line £29.00  
Bikini Line £9.50  
Brazilian from_£20.00  
Hollywood from £25.00  
Full Leg £22.00  
Half Leg £14.00  
Under Arms £9.00  
Forearms £14.00  
Full Arms £22.00  
Fingers and Hands £8.50  
Eyebrow Wax (based on a 15 min appt.) from_£8.00  
Eyebrow Wax & Upper Lip £13.00  
Lip and Chin £10.00  
Lip or Chin £6.00  
Full Face £19.00  
Hands and Fingers/toes £8.00  
Permanent Hair Removal  
10 min Session £13.00  
Red Vein Treatment/ Skin tag removal £26.00  
Eyelast and Eyebrow Tint £20.00  
Eyelash tint £14.50  
Eyebrow tint £8.00  
Eyelash Flares  (From 30mins)  £15.00  
Removal  (From 30mins)  £10.00  
(Remember a skin test must be carried out 24 hours prior to all tinting treatments)  
Makeup lesson from_£30.50  
Special Occasion from_£22.50  
Bridal Makeup    
Different packages available. Please ask.    
Trial Makeup from_£29.00  
Full body exfoliation with tan (1 hour) £27.00  
File & Polish £13.50  
File & French Polish £15.50  
Swift Manicure (30/40 mins) £18.00  
Manicure Full (1 hour) £23.40  
French Manicure (75 mins) £22.50  
Manicure & Luxury Pedicure £43.50  
Luxury Pedicure (1 hour) £26.50  
Luxury Pedicure, French Polish £28.50  
Foot file and polish £13.50  
Shellac £20.50  
Soak off and re-do £28.50  
Soak off only £10.50  
Glitter per nail 30p  
Gem - Per Gem, Per Nail 75p  
Acrylic/Gel Nails (includes polish) £40.00  
Acrylic/Gel Infills £26.00  
Take off only £14.00  
Take off & New Set Acrylic/Gel £50.00  
Single Nail Repair Acrylic/Gel £5.50  
Stone Stud £15.50  
Shape Stud £16.50  
A parent or guardian must accompany children under 16 years old for ear piercing. Children must be over 5 years  
Full Body Massage (1 hour) £39.00  
Aromatherapy Full Body Massage (1 hour) £41.00  
Back/Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 mins) £22.00  
Aromatherapy  Back/Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 mins) £22.00  
Leg Massage £22.00  
Ultra Tone (1 hour)    
Inch Loss and reshaping £27.00  
Non surgical face lift £27.00  
Deluxe Back Treatment (1 hour) £39.00  
Deep cleans a gentle scrub soothing massage mask and moisturise. This is to help improve troubled skin.  
Full body exfoliation £22.00  
Express Facial (30 mins) £24.00 
This is an ideal way to introduce you to the MONU range. A quick pick me up, a good way to brighten up the skin.
Aromatic Facial (60 mins) £40.00 
This MONU facial includes a soothing massage to the head, face, neck and shoulders. Products are selected for each skin type and mask therapy and exfoliation are combined to promote skin radiance. For best results this treatment should be carried out monthly.
Resurface and Peel Facial (40 mins) £50.00 
Peel and reveal a new you! Formalted using a complex blend of Glycolic Acid: the Monu Resurface and Peel System will keep the skin fresh and healthy as well as being a great boost to the skin in between professional treatment courses. Simply radiant skin, with a smooth even skin tone.
£50 each OR £240 for a course of 6 (1xeach week for 6 weeks)
Introduction offer
Luxury Facial (75 mins) £46.00 
This top of the range facial includes a specialised treatment Ampoule and de-stressing scalp massage. For ultimate results a course of 6 facials is strongly recommended. 1 hour facial includes deep cleanse back massage hand and arm massage.
The Ultimate (2 hours) £60.00 
Combining the deluxe back treatment with the luxury facial, this is the ultimate pampering treat.
Active Collagen-bio Facial (60 mins) £48.00 
This intensive collagen treatment will improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture, and after just one treatment, the moisture retention is improved by up to 75%. After a course of 6 facials, the wrinkle depth can be reduced by up to 40%. It is recommended this facial is taken weekly for 6 weeks, then on a monthly basis.
Collagen Eye Treatment (60 mins) £40.00 
This anti-ageing treatment uses collagen eye masks to revive the delicate eye area and is especially suited for those who suffer from_dry crepe skin around the eyes.
Deep Cleansing Facial (1 hour) £40.00 
To clean and soften the skin including a skin peel and facial massage which will help combat ingrowing hairs.
Full Back £22.00 
Full Arms £22.00 
Chest £23.00 
Chest & Full Back £43.00 
Back / Neck / Shoulder Massage (30 mins) £22.00 
Aromatherapy Back / Neck / Shoulder Massage (30 mins) £24.00 
Hand Treatment (30 mins) £18.00 
To soften and thoroughly clean hard working hands. Remove excess cuticle and tidy the nails.
Foot Treatment (30 mins) £26.50 
To soak feet, exfoliate, remove excess cuticle and tidy the nails.
Stone Stud £15.50 
Shape Stud £16.50 

It would be greatly appreciated if clients wishing to cancel appointments could give 24 hours notice to avoid disappointment for others.
A cancellation fee may be charged in circumstances where 24 hours notice is not provided